About myself

After living in Venezuela during her childhood, she moves to Spain where she studies journalism in University of Seville.
In 1998 she moves to Paris where she studies Photography in University of Paris VIII. And finally, in 2001, she moves to Barcelona where he continued his training in audiovisual production and working as a journalist in various press offices and non-profit entities while develops social communication projects as a freelancer. In 2007 she exhibited “Mariscadoras” for the Marine Studies Center of Sitges (Barcelona). In 2008, she worked on the annual report for the maternity health care programme in Morocco of the Clinc Foundation from Barcelona. In 2010 she collaborated with Instituto Cervantes and exponed “Mujer y trabajo en el oasis de Figuig” as a part of the Festival “They create” of the Minister of equalities of Spain. In 2011 exhibited her work on “Traditional fishermen” at the Marine Studies Center of Sitges. In 2013 she collaborated the NGO MSF (Doctors without borders) at the exhibition “First ladies” documenting the reality of women sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco. She lives between Sevilla and Madrid where she shares her photograph projects with her work on differents humanitarian aid and human rights NGOs.